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Instagram’s Restrict feature now lets you shadow ban your bullies

Instagram is testing in-app reminders for merch drops

Instagram wants people to make more longform IGTV content, but it still isn’t giving them a way to monetize

Instagram will restrict who can see posts about cosmetic procedures, weight loss products

Instagram posts and IGTV videos can now be scheduled through Facebook

Facebook’s ‘undesirable’ appearance policy keeps blocking the wrong people

Private Instagram posts and stories can be shared publicly using just a web browser

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Facebook now lets anyone make an Instagram face filter

W Hotels’ $285 mukbang room service comes with a microphone and phone stand

Facebook and Instagram are down for some users around the world

Instagram and WhatsApp will add ‘from Facebook’ to their names

A fashion designer Instagrammed his shoes on top of his Ferrari, and Ferrari is threatening to sue

Instagram almost named its ‘Close Friends’ feature ‘Favorites,’ but translation problems stopped it

Instagram quantified our popularity, and now it wants to fix it

Instagram ‘tag cleaners’ are fighting against digital vandalism